1959 Chevrolet Viking short bus camper conversion!

1959 Chevrolet Viking Short Bus Conversion

Maine – Winkelman Architects Year Built: 2009 Millwork / Cabinetry: Tony Jose, Linekin Bay Woodworkers Interior Design: Vince Moulton Interiors Exterior: Hoyt’s Auto Body What started as a mere “Oh by the way…” mentioned in passing by Architect Will Winkelman’s client at the end of one of their project meetings, is now a conversion project that’s turning heads on the […]

Mint Tiny House!

Mint Tiny Homes

Canada – Mint Tiny Homes When we think of tiny homes, we usually imagine cramped spaces, fold-out furniture, tiny kitchens with not enough counter space and sometimes, no bathroom… But this house will change the way you see tiny homes – it is tiny and spacious at the same time. It’s definitely very different from most of the […]

Where every bit of space counts

Paris France – Marc Baillargeon and Julie Nabucet Built area:    12m2  (130 sq. ft.) Year Built:    2012 Living in the heart of any of the world’s major cities like London, Sydney, New York, Tokyo and Paris may have it’s benefits – but it also comes at a high price. This has resulted in many […]

Amazing Tiny Homes on Wheels

19 Amazing Tiny Homes on Wheels

Are you the kind of homeowner who’s always on the go? Then a mobile home is your best option. They’re very unique, affordable, and can be easily relocated whenever you wish to move. And if you’re after great savings, you can also build it yourself. To inspire you we’ve collected amazing mobile homes. They come […]

The Charming Wohnwagon


Are you dreaming of having your own mobile home someday? Here’s a caravan that will break stereotypes about living in a mobile home. It’s so well executed that it goes beyond the novelty of simple living! The mobile home featured above is just one of several units built by Austrian company Wohnwagon. Their creations are designed to […]

Thailand Dome House – Steve Areen

A gorgeous home in just six weeks

A mango farm somewhere in North-East Thailand  –  Steve Areen… Built area:    500 sq. ft.  (46 m2) + hammock ;) Steve Areen went from flight steward to owner-builder of this unique home. He completed the main structural work to habitable standard in just six weeks with one full time helper and one casual hand […]

Hank’s Bus

Inspiration + $9,000 dollars = home

Location:      Anywhere he chooses Architect:      Hank Buttita Year built:     2013 With just a $3,000 Craigslist purchase, 15 weeks of design and construct effort and a further $6,000 of expenditure, Hank Butitta totally validates our belief that all too often, what we want, stops us from having what we need! […]

ecoPerch – would you like it here or there?


Anywhere – Blue Forest Size:  48m2 (516 sq. ft.) This home brings to mind the Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham.  “Would you like them in a tree?  Try them, try, them, you will see. You may like them in a tree!” This home can be ‘perched’ just about anywhere – in a tree, on […]

Gypsy Wagon In The Woods

Gypsy Wagon In The Woods

This tiny home on wheels is a modern take on those wonderful gypsy wagon one still sees in parts of Europe. This one’s used as a great getaway space. It’s whimsical and unique and hard not to fall in love with. Whether it’s your style or not, it’s certainly integrates with the sights and sounds that […]

The Mini House

The Mini House

Sweden – Jonas Wagell Architects Area:  15m2 (162 sq. ft,) internal + deck/veranda Prefabrication can save new home owners a lot… of money and stress.  As most builders will admit, if it can go wrong, at some stage it will.  Rain, theft, damage, mistakes – they all add to the cost of a new home. […]