Tiburon House

Tiburon by Andrea Ponsi Architecture

San Francisco, California – Andrea Ponsi Architecture Site area: 4500 mq   (2.2 acres) Built-up area: 850 mq (9.146 sq.ft.) Project: 2005 – 2006 Construction: 2006 – 2008 Completion date: 2008 Photography: Richard Barnes Could this house on the San Francisco Bay be any more grandiose? In it are a courtyard, four gardens, and an art […]

Casa Kike – 16,000 books and a grand piano

16,000 books and a grand piano!

Beachfront  Cahuita  Costa Rica  – Gianni Botsford Architects Year Built:     2007 Surely, one of the toughest gigs an architect must face would be designing a home for his father. But in this instance, Keith Botsford, a writer, gave free rein when he decided to retire from Boston, USA to Costa Rica. The over-riding requirement […]

Cliff Face House

Palm Beach, NSW Australia  –  Fergus Scott Architects and Peter Stutchbury Architecture Project duration:     2007 – 2011 Completion:     2011 Photography:     Michael Nicholson Awards:     Winner 2012 AIA Wilkinson Award There are many ‘Palm Beaches” around the world, but I doubt that any can claim to have the extraordinary natural beauty of […]

Alone on an island – a summer home

Alone on an island...

Bohuslän, Sweden – Mikael Bergquist Architects Ltd Photography:   Mikael Olsson Here’s a quick quizz… how many islands are there in Sweden? a) 221 b) 2210 c) 22,100 d) 221,000 You’ll find the answer below the album but a clue is lots! Most of them are uninhabited for much of the year, but many are summer holiday havens […]

An Island Home Near Stockholm

Island House

Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden – Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff Architects Year Built:     2004 Built Area:    150m2 including sauna area  (1,620 sq. ft.) Photography:  Lindman Photography Set on an unspoiled waterfront site containing a 500 year old oak, mature pines and lots of weathered rocks, the owners wanted a home that blended with the visual environment. The result is […]

A Dream By The Water

West Vancouver Canada – Merrick Architecture Paul Merrick and the firm he started, Merrick Architecture, are among Canada’s most recognized and awarded in the field of architecture. The home featured here is a fine example of the rendering of the firm’s philosophy: Community, Humanity, Culture, History, Green, Future – Together, these principles embody the collective spirit and […]

H-House – not just another letter…

Trosa, Sweden  –  Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff Built area:     240m2  (2,600 sf) Year built:     2006 Photography:     Åke E:son Lindman Concrete, corten steel and pine have been used to create this low-maintenance, ocean-side villa. The site, on an archipelago near Stockholm is very scenic but the environment is harsh and unforgiving. Summers are short […]

Archipelago House

Stockholm archipelago, Sweden  –  Tham and Videgard Architecture Photography:    Son Lindman This house has a unique shape that is defined by the place that it dwells in. But with that challenge the clever layout maximizes its own area and all the wonderful aspects of the environment. Its zigzag layout creates spacious rooms all throughout […]

Home in the Sand Dunes

Aquinnah MA  USA  –  Hutker Architects Built area:     2300 sf. (213 m2) Year built:     2008 Photographer:     Brian Vanden Brink This is a very nice example of a home that works with it’s environment rather than competing with it.  Situated in a town of just 311 people on the island of Martha’s […]

Up-Over-Between House

Hutker Architects

Edgartown, Massachusetts – Hutker Architects Built area: 650m2 (6,750 sq ft) Year Complete: 2010 Photography: Brian Vanden Brink At first glance, it’s hard to believe that this home is 650m2 (6,750 sq ft)!  The simple elegance precludes any hint of ostentation allowing the home to integrate perfectly with the site. The home is elevated to capture […]