Tiburon by Andrea Ponsi Architecture

Tiburon House

San Francisco, California – Andrea Ponsi Architecture

Site area: 4500 mq   (2.2 acres)
Built-up area: 850 mq (9.146 sq.ft.)
Project: 2005 – 2006
Construction: 2006 – 2008
Completion date: 2008
Photography: Richard Barnes

Could this house on the San Francisco Bay be any more grandiose? In it are a courtyard, four gardens, and an art gallery. Most if not all furnishings are made to order. The doors, sun-blinds for the gallery, and different lamps are made from copper by Italian craftsmen. Staying in this house would definitely feel like a luxury.

The view of the house from the beach.
The view of the house from the beach.

This beach house consists mainly of four pavilions, each pointing towards the different directions of the compass. These are the guest quarters, master bedrooms, living area, and service areas and garage. The courtyard can be found in the middle of these pavilions, which is enclosed with glass and surrounded by walls where art works are hung.

To add to its attractive quality is the fact that this house is actually eco-friendly. Instead of air conditioners, natural ventilation is provided by the large sliding doors and the courtyard. Electricity solely comes from solar energy by the use of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof. Temperature is further controlled by the floating slats of “ipe” wood which also contributes to the linear design of this house.

Architect’s Notes:

“Located on a beach on the San Francisco Bay, the house is conceived as a pin-wheel composition of 4 pavilions around an interior courtyard. In order to minimize the visual impact, the 900 sq mt building develops on one floor gradually stepping down towards the beach. The environmental oriented design, includes strategies for natural ventilation, passive solar energy and 100% electrical energy autonomy supported by an array of 110 sq mt of photovoltaic cells and on solar glass canopies. Glass sliding doors and windows, wood slats ventilated walls and copper roofing constitute the exterior skin of the building.”

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