San Antonio, Texas – Poteet Architects Built area: 29.7 m2  (320 sq. ft.) Photography: Chris Cooper San Antonio artist, Stacey Hill, wanted a playhouse, a garden retreat, a storage shed and a guesthouse for visiting artists. The architects, Poteet suggested a 40 x 8 container and the rest is history. The container sits on a foundation of recycled telephone […]

Contained Desires

Nederland, Colorado – Studio HT Built Area:     1,500 sq. ft. (139 m2) Year Built:     2010 Photography: Braden Gunem How much space do we really need to live?  How often do we discuss ‘needs vs wants’?  This project questions the need for excessive space and instead challenges occupants to be efficient. Designed […]

Three Containers + Imagination = Ample Space

Wuxi, China  –  Arcgency and World Flex Home Year Built: 2012 (completed) Area: 180 m2 but flexible  (1,944 sq. ft.) Materials: Shipping containers, bamboo, green roof There are tens, perhaps, hundreds of thousands of used, unwanted containers littering shipping ports all over the world.  There have been many container home concepts and quite a few built.  The major […]


CrossBox France

Rennes, France  –  CG ARCHITECTES Built Area:   104 m2  (1,123 sq. ft.) + decks and carport Year Built:     2011 Take 4 x 40ft containers, strict French building codes, a heavy dose of imagination and a willing client.  Now mix them together and the result is the CrossBox. We don’t have any costs on […]

Mobile Dwelling Unit

Mobile Dwelling Unit by LOT-EK

New York, United States – LOT-EK Built area: 46 m2 (500 sq. ft.) Year built: 2003 Photography: Walker Art Center In recent years, ‘slide-out’ sections in mobile homes and caravans have become common place but 10 years ago the design team of  Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano developed this ground-breaking design… “One shipping container is transformed into a […]

The Container of Hope

Container of Hope by Ben Garcia Saxe

San Jose  Costa Rica  –  Ben Garcia Saxe Such a meaningful name!  The architect’s notes tell this story far better than we ever could: “Gabriela Calvo and Marco Peralta dreamed of living in their fantastic property outside of the city of San Jose, where they could be with their horses and enjoy the natural landscape […]

Tony’s Farm

Tony's Farm

Shanghai, China – Playze Built area:      1,060 sqm Year:      2011 # of containers:     78 Photography: Bartosz Kolonko Tony’s Farm is the largest organic food farm in Shanghai, producing OFDC certified vegetables and fruits. This multi-purpose centre is designed to integrate the consumer into the process by linking the activities of […]

Discarded Pallets and Containers = One Significant Home!

Curacavi  Chile  –  James and Mau Architecture Built Area:     160 m2 + 15 m2 decks (1,730 sq. ft. + 162 sq. ft. decks).) Year Built:      2009 Photography:  Antonio Corcuera Built in just 90 days, this home demonstrates that it is possible to recycle and repurpose in a very serious and permanent […]

31 Container Home in Brisbane

Brisbane  Australia  –  Ziegler Build Lot size:     760 m2  (8,200 sq. ft.) Built area:     460 m2  ( 5,000 sq. ft.)  approx. Year built:     2012 There is a common misconception that ‘container homes’ are something best kept out of suburbia, that container homes may be OK for some people but don’t […]

Container Living in Atlanta, Georgia

12 containers later...

Atlanta Georgia USA  –  Francis Kirkpatrick (architect) and George Runkle (engineer) Land Area:     2,160 sq. ft. (200 m2) each lot Built Area:     1,900 sq. ft. (176 m2) + basement garage of 650 sq. ft. (60 m2) each home Year Built:      2007 (brown) and 2011 (white) Here’s a prime case for not […]