AM House

Brazil – NV Arquitetura

Built Area: 580.0 m2
Year Built: 2017
Photographs: Lio Simas, Rpdois Imagens

AM House is a luxurious, contemporary home designed to keep abreast with the changing times. It’s fully automated and makes use of up-to-date technology.

Despite its modern vibe, the house has not compromised comfort. The homeowners, after all, wanted a home that incorporates the best of modern technology with the warmth of tradition.

AM House's reflects a modern design rooted on earthy exteriors.
AM House’s reflects a modern design rooted on earthy exteriors.

The house features an earthy exterior.  Solid bricks and stones soften the harshness of reinforced concrete and steel. The presence of solar panels on the roof is not to be missed. This provides the massive house with an energy-efficient solution.

Modern yet comfortable, lavish but not crass.
Modern yet comfortable, lavish but not crass.

The interiors are classy and elegant. One can expect nothing less than sophistication. Sleek comfortable furniture, gorgeous carpets and rugs, and stunning accents show proof that no expense was spared. AM House is a home that’s lavish but not crass, grand yet restrained – a true reflection of comfort and technology.

Notes from the Architect:

The AM House Project, completed in 2017, was designed for a couple of old office clients who, experienced and attentive, participated in all the details. They wanted a house that reflected their personality, which was not dated, with the refinement of what is traditional but compromised the priorities of our time: comfort and technology.The house is all automated and has photovoltaic energy, making the project a synthesis of its decisions and intentions of life for the future.

The composition between natural appealing materials, such as solid bricks, stones, steel and reinforced concrete, is a strong characteristic of this project, which is developed on 3 floors accessed by stairs or an elevator.

The 580sqm of built area take advantage of the tapestry of the land, valuing the composition of the volumes. The garden is contained by a stone wall that gives privacy to the house and is softened by the vegetation carefully proposed by the landscapers.

Amplitude and optimization of the use of spaces guided the relationship between environments. On the ground floor the spaces are fully integrated, living, dining, gourmet barbecue and balcony with barbeque, create a unique living space.

This functional and visual integration is possible through frames, executed by Scheid, which plays an important role in the design of the house. They were designed from the first sketches in the same way as they were executed, maintaining their original characteristics thanks to the technical conditions of the wooden VEKA profiles. The traditional lines were made possible by the insulated glass, which besides the thermal and acoustic insulation, allow the use of muntins.

In the basement, besides a garage for 4 cars and motorcycles, there is a large and organized technical room. But the highlight is for the brewery, one of the family’s hobbies.

Again on the upper floor, where the three suites are large and comfortable, the frames play a role of great importance in the integration with the external area. Floor to ceiling sliding doors, with automated blinds, double glazing and PVC profiles from VEKA, are protected by metal gradients that refer to the old overhead windows.

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Exterior Views:

Interior Views:

Drawing Views:

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