Archipelago House

Stockholm archipelago, Sweden  –  Tham and Videgard Architecture

Photography:    Son Lindman

This house has a unique shape that is defined by the place that it dwells in. But with that challenge the clever layout maximizes its own area and all the wonderful aspects of the environment. Its zigzag layout creates spacious rooms all throughout the house with equally wide decks facing the serene landscape in the west.

The master bedroom with a wonderful landscape to greet you in the morning.
The master bedroom with a wonderful landscape to greet you in the morning.

Despite its black industrial exterior, the house seems to merge with nature because of its interior. Not only that, the glass and trellis above screen the sunlight having the effect of sunlight peeping through the leaves of trees.

Architect’s Notes:

“…a flat surface between two large rocks emerging from the ground, and two important directions: toward the sun, south towards the sea in the west. Except services, home environments turn to an open platform through sliding glass doors arranged in zigzag. The strong horizontal contrasts with the tall pines surrounding the house. A wooden pergola gives continuity to the spaces, unifies, dilutes the internal / external boundary and provides naturally diffused light. The play of reflections, lights and shadows further enrich the natural environment.”

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