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Paris France – Marc Baillargeon and Julie Nabucet

Built area:    12m2  (130 sq. ft.)
Year Built:    2012

Living in the heart of any of the world’s major cities like London, Sydney, New York, Tokyo and Paris may have it’s benefits – but it also comes at a high price. This has resulted in many singles and couples choosing to live in very modest – dare we say, very small, apartments and flats where compromise is a constant reminder of the lifestyle choice.


At just 12 m2, this apartment rates as tiny by any western standard yet, what it lacks in space, it makes up for in creative storage and style.

What was once the main bedroom suite of a generous family apartment in the Montparnasse neighborhood is now a fully self-contained pied-à-terre that houses all the necessities of life.

The original idea was to separate the room in order to create a small studio that could create rental income for the owners. Thibaut Ménard, a student and the son of the apartment’s owner, lives there now. He says he notices new architectural details in the space every single day.

“This studio has been created in a very intelligent and adaptable way of thinking, and with plenty of storage space and cupboards, which makes it suitable for each type of situation.”

By creating a raised platform for the kitchen and wet areas, the architects have been able to effectively duplicate floor area. This allows the bed to double as seating space for lounging and entertaining. When the owner wants more space, even the ‘sofa’ can be rolled away under the kitchen floor!

Concealed storage areas are everywhere and even the storage cabinets that are in view blend seamlessly with the contemporary feel of the apartment.

We think the apartment offers the functionality of a home three or four times the size.What do you think?

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