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When we think of tiny homes, we usually imagine cramped spaces, fold-out furniture, tiny kitchens with not enough counter space and sometimes, no bathroom…

But this house will change the way you see tiny homes – it is tiny and spacious at the same time. It’s definitely very different from most of the ones we’ve previously featured!

Mint Tiny Homes

Believe it or not, this tiny home has all the specifications you can find in a traditional home! It has a living area, a full kitchen, a full bathroom and of course the bedroom. It also has ample storage especially in the kitchen area, which even includes a full-sized fridge!

Mint Tiny Homes

This tiny home is just one of the many custom built houses made by Mint Tiny Homes Company. Each home is carefully designed to suit the requirement/priority of the client. You can have a smaller kitchen area if you’re not much of a cook. And if you want stairs instead of a ladder, it’s possible too!

Do you need plenty of storage? That can be arranged! :)

Mint Tiny Homes can do all that magic for you. You can see the excellent craftsmanship with every project that they do. When you are inside any of their tiny homes, you’ll forget just how tiny it is!

Don’t believe us? Then take a tour and see for yourself by viewing our album below!

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What do you think? Can you live in a tiny home like this? :)




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