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Texas – Arched Cabins

While custom tiny homes offer a simpler and less expensive lifestyle, most of them pretty much require robbing the bank before you can own one. But these tiny homes by Arched Cabins are a different story!

For as low as $960, you can get their basic kit – minimally insulated and finished with basic end caps. This is great for an industrial-strength animal shelter, workshop or garage, but of course Arched Cabins also offer habitable cabins!

Arched Cabins

They can be fully insulated, built with a loft and finished with beautiful interiors. It all depends on your preference and your budget. But believe us, even their most expensive package is way more affordable than other custom tiny homes ;)

Want to see what a completely designed and built Arched Cabin home looks like? Then take a peek inside some of their cabins by viewing our album below!

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