Tiny House with Drawbridge

Ontario, Canada – Greenmoxie

Floor Area: 340 sq. ft.

Photography: Gary Mulcahey

This home may be short on space but definitely not on style and function. It even has an electric draw bridge deck, which serves as its most distinctive feature!

This drawbridge, when opened, serves as a deck large enough to fit a dining set for two and when closed adds security to the homeowners.

Tiny House by Greenmoxie

The entire exterior is stylish but it was also built with safety and durability in mind. Its black cedar panels were charred rather than painted, which makes them resistant to pests as well as fire.

Tiny House by Greenmoxie

But the beauty of this home of course does not stop there. Inside is an equally stylish and warm space with features that would really make anyone appreciate tiny home living!

It offers ample storage with its under-the-stairs shelving and large cubbies, enough to accommodate big items like bags and mats. The kitchen is also fantastic as it does not skimp on amenities and counter space. It includes propane refrigerator, a regular size sink and a wood-burning stove.

Despite being small, the home feels larger than it actually is for its great natural lighting and views provided by its large reclaimed windows.

And as with most trailer homes, this mobile house is completely off-grid.

If you live in Canada, you can have its manufacturer Greenmoxie, build one for you starting at $65,000. But for the others, worry not! The company is currently working on package plans to sell in the near future ;)

See more of this tiny but amazing home by viewing our gallery below and let us know what you think! Does this house make you want to live in a trailer home?

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