Floating Box House – Gluck+

Austin, Texas – Gluck+ Project Year :     2006 Developed Area :     981.3 m2 Floating Box House is a modern masterpiece that’s made of glass and steel. It sits on four acres of land surrounded by giant oak trees. The house is a work of art. One look at its facade and one word immediately […]

Tree Top Residence

Los Angeles, United States – Belzberg Architects Project Year :     2015 Developed Area :     1291.3 m2 Photographs :    Bruce Damonte, Art Gray The design of the Tree Top Residence isn’t what you’d expect from a tree top residence. Visions of a house on top of a tree would naturally come to mind. But […]

Rado Redux

Armonk, New York – GLUCK+ Project Year :     2010 Developed Area :     278.7 – 464.5 m2 Photographs :   Elizabeth Felicella, Magda Biernat Rado Redux is a renovation project of a 1957 home. The old structure had fallen prey to an undesirable remodeling job. Its current owners had commissioned the renovation work. They wanted […]

Casa Baltazar

Porto Portugal  –  Pedro Gadanho Built Area:    110 m2 Year Built:    2008 Renovation Materials:     Lacquered MDF, Polyurethane Resin, Stucco, Plasterboard. Photography:     Fernando Guerra Pedro Gadanho position as the present architecture curator at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) attests to his international success as an architect, educator and writer […]

Casa Flotanta

Costa Rica – Ben Gardcia Saxe / Studio Saxe Built area:  300m2 including decks Year built:  2013 From the architect: The design of this house for the Gooden-Nahome family was predicated on its difficult site. The owners found an incredible view of the ocean but the steep slope meant that any property set into the […]

On the Corner – Eastern Design Office

The elevation mirrors the shape of the lot

Shiga  Japan  –  Eastern Design Office Lot size:     261 m2  (2,818 sq. ft.) Built area:     567 m2  (6,123 sq. ft.) Built:     2011 Photography:     Koichi Torimura Perhaps we have a penchant for Japanese architecture.  We certainly feature a lot of it.  But, we like to think it’s because […]

The Sebastopol Residence

Sebastopol, California USA – Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Project Year:  2008 Area: 156.0 m2  (1700 sq. ft.) Lot Size:  Acreage Photography:  David Wakely View versus ideal aspect! In the northern hemisphere, a southern aspect means access to winter sunshine that lifts spirits and reduces power bills. But the view doesn’t always cooperate with the position of the sun. […]

Can you downsize to a tiny house?

Bigger homes, smaller lots, massive prices!

I’m guilty! For most of my life I felt that ‘space’ is what made a house. Not enormous space, but certainly enough for every inhabitant to have their ‘own space’. Separate bedrooms, two bathrooms and a guest toilet, a semi-formal living room, a family room, dining room or dining area and a big, generous kitchen. […]

Some like it hot (pink)…

Gyeongsangnam-do,  South Korea  –  Moon Hoon Architects Built Area:     229.85 m2 (2,485 sq ft) Year Built:     2016 Photography:     Facestudio I have two young granddaughters who are pink crazy. They don’t care what it is, if it’s pink, they want it. Given the preponderance of pink in young girls’ bedrooms, they […]

Daintree Dreaming

Daintree FNQ Australia  –  M3 Architecture The Daintree is one of Australia’s iconic tropical rainforest regions. It abounds with lush vegetation, cassowaries, tree kangaroos and more than a few salt-water crocodiles! The region is environmentally sensitive, sitting on a spur of the Great Dividing Range that runs down to the Coral Sea, approximately 125 kilometres (80 […]