Locomotive 501 Ranch Trailer Home

South Texas  USA  –  Andrew Hinman Architecture Year built:     2012 Photography:    Paul Bardagjy Awards:     2013 AIA Austin Design Awards – Merit It’s always great to see innovation. Here’s a vintage Spartan trailer home converted to a cabin in a very relaxed and casual way. It would just as easily make a […]

Llano – friends for life

Llano River Cabin

Llano TX  USA  –  Matt Garcia Design Year Built:     2011 Built area:     350 sq ft  (32.4 m2) per unit Land area:     10 acres   (4 hectares) Photography:     Alex Stross Four couples, friends since college, had vacationed together every year as their respective families grew. Then, as ’empty nesters, […]

Once a Log Cabin

Flims, Graubünden, Switzerland – Nickisch Sano Walder Architects Photography: Ralph Feiner, Gaudenz Danuser Floor Area: 40 sqm   Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox.

Brazilian Box Delivery

Minimod by MAPA

Maquiné, RS, Brazil – MAPA Architects Year:     2013 Area:     27 sqm Photography:     Leonardo Finotti This is another example of the efficiencies of modular prefabrication. In this instance, the result is a ‘instant’ cabin in a relatively isolated location in Brazil. The modules were fully factory finished before being delivered and placed on […]

Ufogel – an Austrian UFO

Nussdorf, Austria – Peter Jungmann Floor Space: 45 sqm You can find this cabin in the East Tyrolian village of Nussdorf. Perched on a grassy slope, overlooking the village and the mountains beyond, it’s designed as vacation accommodation for four people. Built entirely from local larch – with the exception of the steel ‘feet’, the cabin is […]


Vancouver, Canada – Henry Yorke Mann – Architect Built area:     300 sq. ft + 40 sq. ft. porch and 100 sq. ft. basement  (28 m2 + 3.7 m2 + 9.25 m2) Year built:     1999 Builder:     Ken Silbernagel Photographer:     Stuart Bish Sometimes we come across an architect who ‘really does get it’ […]

Over the bridge and thru the woods…

Winter Cabin in Vermont

Burlington, Vermont – Joan Heaton Architects Site area:    14 acres (5.5 hectares) Built area:    65m2  (600sf) Completion Date:   2010 Photography:   Susan Teare Built on a remote site, this cabin is accessed by a long pedestrian bridge that spans the New Haven River. There is no paved access to the cabin with the nearest road ending […]

Bay Lake Cabin

Bay Lake Cabin

Bay Lake, Minnesota – Albertsson Hansen Architecture, Ltd Year built:   1930’s Year renovated:     2013 Photography:    Scott Amundson It’s always a tough decision – demolish or rebuild. The plain truth is that it costs around twice the cost per square foot to renovate than it does to do a new build. But there […]

The Hawk Mountain

Washington State – Timber Home Living Built area: 1600 sq. ft. Photography: Timberpeg Now here’s a home that offers the comfort of modern home living and the atmosphere of a cozy weekend retreat! Inspired by the old European cottage design, the Hawk Mountain is a great inspiration if you want a warm and truly relaxing […]

The Red Lake

Northern Minnesota, USA – Erickson Log and Timberframe Homes Built area: 6,400 sq. ft. Click on any image to start lightbox display.Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. You can also view the images as a slideshow if you prefer 8-)   If you liked this, you will also like viewing …