108 Residence

Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain – A-cero / Joaquin Torres

Built Area:     1021.5 m2
Year Built:     2008

108 Residence is a contemporary house in the outskirts of Madrid. Visually, the house looks like a sculpture, masterfully combining soft curves and hard edges. With wings protruding at the side, the house looks as if it’s flying – almost weightless, really.

The design of the house is almost sculptural in nature.
The design of the house is almost sculptural in nature.

Adding further interest to the already interesting aesthetic is a dark vertical wedge on the façade. It cuts through the monotony of the all-white marble travertino. It’s made of dark granite stone and adds a curious element to the home’s exteriors.

Large glass windows provide unrestricted views of the greenery outside.
Large glass windows provide unrestricted views of the greenery outside.

Large windows provide generous lighting inside 108 Residence. These also allow access to the green landscape outdoors. This two-story structure is divided into the common living areas at the lower level with the private spaces upstairs.

Notes from the Architect:

The Architecture Studio A-cero, managed by Joaquín Torres and his associate architect Rafael Llamazares, presents this housing in the outskirts of Madrid, in “Pozuelo de Alarcón”.

It has been designed from a clear sculptural inspiration; the blocks appear dressed in marble travertino and create curved shapes and edges. These elements emphasize the project’s wings and contribute to give weightlessness to the building.

In the main entrance there is a vertical fail made of stone dark granite that contrasts with the facade.

The large windows facilitate the access of the light to the house’s interior. In the first floor you can find the hall, kitchen and service area. In a lower floor there are the most intimate areas constituted by the bedrooms and spaces for free time.

The house, with a 1.000 sqm area, dialogues with the natural environment and, from the point of view of the design, shows the A-cero Studio signs and its architecture philosophy.

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Exterior Views:

Interior Views:

Drawing Views:

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