The Treehouse at Separation Creek

Victoria, Australia – Jackson Clements Burrows

Australia is a country with a dry, hot centre. In fact, much of the country quickly turns to arid or even desert landscape within 100 kilometres of the coast.  Is it any wonder that the ‘great Australian dream’ has always been ‘a shack on the beach somewhere’? Those shacks were usually built using fibrous cement (fibro) sheeting as the cladding. It was easy to transport and relatively cheap to buy. While sky-rocketing prices of beach-front real estate means that the likelihood of achieving the dream has receded for most, the home featured here is a nice 21st century encapsulation of ‘the shack’

The Treehouse...
The Treehouse…

“Tree house is perched on a steep, forested hillside above the Great Ocean Road, overlooking Bass Strait, sited in the bush fringe of Separation Creek, Victoria. The Tree House draws on the modest local vernacular of 1950’s painted fibro shacks with timber battens expressing the joints over cement sheet lining. The sculptural form and associated colour scheme allow the built form to both connect with the landscape and to dissolve within it.”

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