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Safe House by Robert Konieczny
Paranoid about security?
Near Warsaw, Poland  –  KWK PROMES

Lot size:     2,500 m2 (27,000 sq. ft.)
Built area:   566 m2  (6,112 sq. ft.)

Worried about security?  Here’s your solution…The ‘Safe House’ was designed by Polish architect, Robert Konieczny. It’s a massive concrete cube with moveable walls! The house was a shortlisted entry for the 2009 World Architecture News Awards.

Clearly not lacking in funds, the client brief was for ‘maximum security’ even though the home is in a rural area of Poland and only used as a weekend retreat. It’s a sad reality that kidnapping is a common occurrence in many countries today.

Safe House by Robert Konieczny

Closed up, it has to win any ‘Ugly Award’. Even opened, it would probably still probably get a lot of votes. Yet the technology used in the home is extraordinary and worthy of an award in itself. The house was built with security in mind but sustainability played a large part too:

“Wide glazings behind the movable walls let the building acquire energy during the day (winter) or prevent the sun’s heat from going into the house (summer). At night, when the house is closed, the thick outer layer helps the building to accumulate the gained energy. Such a solution together with the hybrid heat system (most of the energy is gained from renewable sources – a heat pump and solar systems supported with gas heating) and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery makes the house become an intelligent passive building”

The architect is one of Europe’s most awarded and I can understand why, based purely on his innovation.  The link below is to his video explaining the design rationale and technology behind the design.  It’s definitely worth viewing.

What are your thoughts? Ugly, spectacular or couldn’t care less? How would you feel if it was sitting next door?

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