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Krakow, Poland – PCKO Architects

This home sits on a virtually undisturbed site that has been left very much in its natural state.  Grasses but no lawns and gardens designed by nature.  If you’ve spent time in Europe, you’ll know that they think of ‘lawns’ very differently to how we do in both Australia and the USA.  In fact, I was amazed on my first trip to Europe to discover their ‘wild-flowers’ were the same ‘weeds’ I was trying to eradicate from my high maintenance lawn.

Jodlowa House Poland
Jodlowa House by PCKO Architects

Time has marched on and so has my lawn.  I still eradicate weeds and the wild-flowers are all native, but it’s now grass, flora and fauna rather than manicured lawn :).  I love the openness and semi industrial appearance of this house.  It’s light yet substantial, connected yet isolated.  Here are the architect’s comments:

Jodlowa House Poland

Luxury residence for private client in Krakow (Poland).

The house occupies the plot of outstanding natural beauty in the outskirts of Krakow. The fully glazed steel frame structure, suspended above the site, makes the most of the outstanding location and at the same time preserves the existing natural environment. The design incorporates a covered swimming pool, two main bedrooms, 140sqm of living area and a 5 storey viewing tower. The lower floors of the tower provide additional guest accommodation with a study at the top of the tower which, being fully glazed, offers beautiful panoramic views of the distant Tatra Mountains.’

You’ve read my comments and the architect’s… how do you feel about this home?

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  1. So luxury house — is it possible to build this as an affordable house?

    I see the anchors are sunk — but the foundation is above grade. Would this withstand hurricane force winds? It is beautiful.