The Nautilus House

The Nautilus House

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Mexico City  –  Javier Senosiain / Arquitectura Organica

This is one of the world’s truly amazing homes!  The Nautilus House was built for a couple with two young children who wanted to feel more at one with nature.  Senosiain practices what he describes as bioarchitecture to help clients ‘find a natural space’.

The Nautilus HouseProbably best described as a blend of modern architecture and contemporary art, the house is one of many of the architect’s “organic works”.

Constructed from a durable combination of steel wire and special super-thick concrete, this home is as strong as it is strange, capable of surviving an earthquake.

The Nautilus HouseWe think it’s about as much fun as a house could ever be. What do you think?  Could you live in it?

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Go here to experience a 360 degree interior experience of this home but vertigo susceptible viewers might want to sit down first :)