Paraguayan Low Impact, Dual Family Living

Luque, Paraguay – BAUEN Architects

Built:     2012
Built Area – combined:     600 m2  (6,480 sq ft)
Photography:    Mónica Matiauda

When two families share a common building site, privacy becomes a major concern. The design shown here also focuses on retaining the maximum amount of green space while using the natural contours of the land for thermal insulation.

From the architect:

“In this project the search for a protected human space that suits to the topography, the vegetation, the tropical climate, and where people find comfort in the broadest sense of the word; takes us to propose a vindication of the knowledge contributed, and often forgotten, by our vernacular architecture. The “Culata Jovai” or “House of Confronted Rooms” is a real bioclimatic solution belonging to one of our traditional ways of living in harmony with the environment in Paraguay, and constitutes our base typology for a new reinterpretation according to new functional programs, needs of symbolic representation and new technologies, framed in a sustainable project.”

Low impact housing for two families by Bauen Architects
Low impact housing for two families by Bauen Architects

Even though the homes are large, the use of natural materials has significantly reduced both the environmental and visual impact. By ensuring the profiles are low and green, the design gives each home significant privacy from their neighbour:

“We contain the space by the fold of the base plane, without the occurrence of a foreign object, so the dwelling are incubated in their wrinkles, respecting the environment and making that the green be continuous, with their corrugations allowing the preservation of the inhabitant’s intimacy, where these folds are broken, the accesses are generated, in double height and topped by a fragment of sphere like a roof.”

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