Nannup, Western Australia, Australia – Iredale Pedersen Hook

Photography by Peter Bennets

With a population of just 600 people, the town of Nannup lies 280 kilometres (175 miles) south of Perth. It’s accessed via a narrow, winding road which has been reflected in the zig-zag design of this vacation home.


The site is also home to kangaroos, emus, snakes and other native fauna and flora. The home is elevated to enhance the views, aid ventilation and to minimise site impact.

From the architect:

The Nannup Holiday house forms part of a wandering path through the landscape from Perth to Nannup. This path dialogues with the landscape of intense forrest, meandering river and rolling hills, each experience is carefully choreographed to enrich the occupancy of the house. A Jeykll and Hyde experience of the landscape is carefully controlled through oscillating vertical (forest) and horizontal (horizon) openings and the contrast of grounded and floating experiences. While the exterior dialogues with the numerous fallen trees, the interior is revealed through a sequence  of ‘growth rings’ coded and extruded in relation to the building program.

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