Arsuf, Israel – Geotectura Studio

Built Area:     250.0 m2
Year Built:     2018
Photographs:     Lior Avitan

The ECO360 is a modern four-bedroom private residence for a single family. The design is based on the premise of sustainability. It is energy-efficient, requires minimal maintenance, and is made of recycled and durable materials.

This V-shaped timber strips provide a stunning visual impact to ECO360.
This V-shaped timber strips provide a stunning visual impact to ECO360.

The house uses solar power, passive wind strategy and a grey water system. The result is a home that is well-lit and well-ventilated.

The façade features white concrete and strips of timber with one side formed into a V. This creates a visual impact that breaks the monotony of an otherwise box-type house.

Earth-toned color palette dominate the interiors of the house.
Earth-toned color palette dominate the interiors of the house.

Inside, ECO360 showcases earth-toned furnishings – from the timber floors to furniture to accessories. White walls reflect daylight making the space look and feel larger. Refreshing pockets of greens are found all throughout, bringing pieces of the outdoors inside. True to form, ECO360 is a home that’s meant for simple, laid-back living.

Notes from the Architect:

The Eco360 is a single-family four-bedroom home located north of Tel Aviv. The goal of the project designed by Geotectura was to build a sustainable home that would be Energy-Positive and includes excellent indoor air and light quality while reflecting the beauty of the surroundings.

The challenge was even greater as the view of the sea is to the west, so traditional passive design solutions that are appropriate for the south façade were not valid in this case. An unusual geometrical optimization was needed to obtain all the passive design features while facing the west. The house is well insulated and is largely heated by the energy that is generated by body heat and household equipment.

The entire design team worked with BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology using environmental simulations during the design process to reach the best optimization. It is an ecological gem showing that BIM can sculpt aesthetic and efficient objects that will make our planet a better place.

The client wanted to build a home that could demonstrate, highlight and set an example of what could be done to build a home based on ecological principles, with minimal maintenance, using solar power, a grey water system, passive wind strategy, high durability and recycled materials.

The client’s hope is that the house will inspire others to consider ways in which they can also use these green principles in building and that it will serve as a model of efficiency and environmental sensitivity. The house reveals and reflects the ideas of sustainability with more than fifty green design features. The hope is to raise awareness about green design challenges and solutions.

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Exterior Views:

Interior Views:

Drawing Views:

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