Prime Nature Residence

Samut Prakan, Thailand – Department of Architecture

Built Area:     480.0 m2
Year Built:     2011
Photographs:     Wison Tungthunya

Prime Nature Residence is a large contemporary house situated on a busy intersection. It is found in a prestigious neighborhood that forbids its residents to put up fences. Because it is located on a busy street, the homeowners are concerned about their privacy. Additionally, the glare from car headlights can be a problem at night.

Architects worked around the no-fence rule by putting up small vertical panes for privacy.
Architects worked around the no-fence rule by putting up small vertical panes for privacy.

The architects solved the fence issue by creating several vertical planes. These shield the private areas of the home from public view. Because the panes do not form a single unit, it technically doesn’t qualify as a fence.

The bedrooms are timeless, elegant, and classic-looking.
The bedrooms are timeless, elegant, and classic-looking.

The interiors have a classic, timeless feel. The bedrooms display elegance with a combination of rich, dark browns and whites. On one hand, the living areas are in muted, neutral tones, opening and brightening up the spaces.

Notes from the Architect:

The plot is situated at a busy 3-street intersection in an up-scale residential estate that forbids the use of any kinds of fences. This constraint poses serious questions on privacy of the residents living on ground level as well as the problem of trespassing car headlights at night. In order to cope with the site limitations, a conventional linear fence is broken into series of smaller vertical planes. These planes are projected onto a grid at varying distances from the house thus blocking out intruding views and simultaneously permitting ventilation into the outdoor area. The planes continue horizontally above the entire terrace creating a well-defined semi-outdoor living space.

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Exterior Views:

Interior Views:

Drawing Views:

Nature House is another home that is greatly inspired by – you guessed it right – nature.



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