Glamping in the Ecocapsule!

Ultimate glamping?

Anywhere you choose  –  Nice Architects Slovakia
Available late 2015
Size/Area/Volume:    2.55m x 4.45m x 2.25m / 10m3 / 22m3

Do you remember The Blob? No, not the movie, the home office dmvA Architects designed for the client refused building permission for a home office. Ecospace looks remarkably similar but it’s a wonderful example of how technology has charged forward in just six short years!

This really has to be the ultimate in glamping but the other uses boggle my mind, at least. Mobile accounting office or medical surgery; eco-lodge, remote weather station or just the best excuse for a couple of empty-nesters to disappear into the sunset!

It’s fully self contained with bathroom, kitchenette, good storage and both wind and solar power. It even stores captured power in onboard lithium-ion batteries for night use.

The rounded design also includes a rainwater/dew collection system complete with a membrane filter that is good enough to remove bacterial contamination. Collected water is stored under the floor where it is pumped to the kitchen or bathroom as required.

Sheathed in high-tech, high-insulation materials, the Ecospace is built to be comfortable year round regardless of location or climate. With 2.6m2 of solar panels and the 750 watt wind turbine, power should never be an issue!

The Ecospace showing off the view!
The Ecospace showing off the view!

If you’re a world traveller, the Ecospace fits into a standard shipping container or you can just use your helicopter to carry it to your favourite location :)

The unit is apparently slated for production and sale later this year although prices have yet to be announced. Scroll down for the rest of the photos!

Want one? What would you use it for? Share your thoughts by commenting below!



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