Anywhere you choose –  Rod Gibson/Habode

Built Area:     80 m2 + decks  (864 sq.ft. + decks)

The New Zealand built HABODE can be shipped anywhere in the world, trucked to site, ‘unfolded’ and be habitable in just two days.  It is designed and built to withstand extreme weather conditions and meets and exceeds typical cyclone standards. Foundations are simplicity itself and can be done by any reasonably competent person. It’s another great example of prefabricated housing fulfilling a market demand.

Habitable in just two days!

The home can be placed on virtually any site as it can be craned or even moved by helicopter into position.  And if you get tired of the view, you can literally fold the home back up again and move it to a new location since the home has a ‘life expectancy’ equal to or greater than traditional housing.


The appearance is unconventional and will obviously not suit everyone.  But the concept, economies and convenience will overcome that issue for many.

The downside is that the home comes in a single size –  80m2, which is determined by trucking limits.  But is 80 m2 small?  Our grandparents probably lived in less and most families in Europe and the UK and most of Asia still do!

A HABODE is a journey as much as a place. From its arrival in a metal cocoon on the back of a container truck to its unfolding as a complete home hours later, HABODE represents an amazing transformation in a remarkably short space of time.

We think homes like HABODE have a very big future. What do you think?

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