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What happens when you fall in love with a tiny Victorian era home and then outgrow it? You’re loathe to move because you love the convenience of city living.

That was the dilemma facing this North Adelaide couple. The suburb is a stroll from the city centre yet is surrounded by vibrant parklands. Restaurants abound as do all the amenities an urban dweller could ask for.  The thought of moving to the ‘burbs would be challenging for many residents.

With this on your doorstep…
With this on your doorstep…

On the other hand, with small lots and many heritage homes, the prospect of building a new home in the same area was even more daunting.  The solution offered here keeps the original home, complete with its history and period beauty intact while giving the residents all the advantages of a modern, airy, light-filled home with ample space for a growing family.

What do you think of their solution? Would you have done it differently?

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