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Tempe  NSW  Australia  –  CplusC Architectural Workshop

Built Area:     168 m2  (1,814 sq. ft.)
Year Built:     2012

Located 9 kilometres south of Sydney GPO, Tempe has become a sought after location for those looking to avoid the long commute to work.  The home shown here is a renovation and extension of a typical detached working-class home from the early 20th century.

The exposed beams of the new pitched roof and a plywood-lined ceiling are the focus of the new open-plan design. Originally a federation era home, the interior spaces have been completely re-worked such that a series of green dining, lounge and entertaining areas open out onto a plunge pool.

Tempe Residence
Tempe Residence

This linear arrangement is emphasised by a galley kitchen that runs along one wall of the living area and a series of timber platforms, framed by a pergola that extends the full length of the yard.  The terminates in a seating area where occupants soak up the last of the afternoon sun.

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