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Blue Mountains  NSW  Australia  –  Peter Stutchbury Architecture

Australia is the oldest and driest continent. It’s a land of contrasts with awesome deserts, verdant rainforests and the iconic Blue Mountains. The latter are a series of impassable valleys and peaks edged with magnificent sandstone cliffs. It took the early white settlers more than 30 years to find a pass to the Western Plains and inland Australia. This home overlooks that history…

Invisible House Peter Stutchbury Architecture
The view to the west and the heart of Australia from Invisible House

From the architect:

The design of this residence could not ignore the elements. Site selection was a process of elimination; such a parcel of land (75 hectares) demands an exhaustive review of place for ‘best’ occupation. We considered four different and unique sites over a three day period. Ultimately selecting a place the ‘farmer’ of the land had chosen two decades earlier.

The building is below the brow of the hill; thus protected – it sits comfortably within the contour; thus inoffensive – it is constructed of materials sympathetic to the area; thus coordinated – it emphasises qualities of horizon and direct light, thus connected.

In designing for this site we did not direct our thoughts to a gesture but rather studied the surrounds both immediate and distant. It was from these studies we found a mathematical; sculptural form, that although foreign was not of a different order to this place.

This building represents an interpretation of all the factors that accumulate to form a story of belonging – in this instance we have translated materials and form but it is only a marginal shift to discover references all around.

Invisible House can be there or cannot; architecture represents values, both current and beyond. If the roof, with water, reflects the sky this building will never be found – until it is discovered.

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