Uhlik Architekti Bohemia Forest Shed

Bohemian Forest Retreat

Central Bohemian Region, Czech Republic – Uhlik Architekti

Built area:     16 sqm
Year built:      2013
Photography:     Jan Kudej

Have you got a favourite camping spot? Somewhere you can really escape from the day-to-day pressures of your life? Imagine having a permanent tent on that spot. A tent that you can lock up when you leave. A tent that you don’t have to dry and fold and store. The cabin shown here is about the same size as a large family tent. It’s robust, solid, secure and an inspiring design. It sits so lightly that only four piers needed to be dug to support the structure.

Bohemian Cabin - locked up for the week...
Bohemian Cabin – locked up for the week…

The architects notes:

“Our client contacted us with an idea to create a hideaway in the countryside where he could “hole up” and gather strength for his demanding work in Prague. We set off into an area between Central and South Bohemia where he comes from and where he has loved going to since his childhood. He took us to a spot in the midst of fields, woods and meadows, full of strange boulders, to a remote and somewhat forgotten place.

The magic landscape together with the client’s aim won our hearts immediately. After a short hesitation, we decided to build the “forest retreat” (as we called it later) together by our own hands. The building material was given: the base was wood from a nearby forest, for the rest we utilized local sources and skills of local craftsmen.”

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 What do you think? Nice place to disappear to or too austere?




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