Bamboo Brilliance – Wind and Water Cafe

 Vietnam – Vo Trong Nghia

Vietnam has a long tradition of bamboo construction. When local architects, Vo Trong Nghia were briefed to design a bar come meeting place, bamboo seemed a natural candidate.

Bamboo Brilliance...
Bamboo Brilliance…

The Water and Wind Café in the southern province of Binh Duong subsequently won Nghia the 2007 International Architecture Award (IAA).  Since then he has won many international awards, mostly for his bamboo structures.

As a student, Nghia was selected to study architecture in Japan. His childhood years spent growing in a small village in central Vietnam were a perfect background for what he would learn in Japan and for the projects in his homeland.

“We used bamboo and cane and such materials for everything,” recalls the architect of his village life. Everything from farming tools to cooking utensils were – and still are – woven together achieving strength and durability.  That knowledge shows in many of his buildings are today.

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