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Khwaeng Bang Wa, Thailand – seARCHOFFICE

Built Area:     3200.0 m2
Year Built:     2017
Photographs:    Spaceshift Studio

OKS Casa is an expansive modern property composed of three houses for extended families. Each house is private but shares a common area and the pool. This house rises up four stories above the ground. To say that it is luxurious would be a gross understatement.

Huge and modern, OKS Casa is a luxurious home in the heart of Thailand.
Huge and modern, OKS Casa is a luxurious home in the heart of Thailand.

A notable feature of the house is the Supercar Gallery. It showcases the homeowners’ collection of six luxury cars. The favourite car is displayed at a nearby but separate area for visitors to see.

In addition, OKS Casa has a multi-use pavilion, air-conditioned lounge with minibar, and a glass elevator. It’s a house that was seemingly built with extravagance in mind.

One of the most notable features of the home is the Supercar Gallery.
One of the most notable features of the home is the Supercar Gallery.

Notes from the Architect:

On the land around 2.0 Rai on Pattanakarn road, Bangkok, this private exclusive residence for the extended family. Consist of three houses, each are in their own privacy yet connected to each other by the common area and swimming pool. According to the function requirement of the family, the area requirement is almost 3000sqm combined which make the building add up to 4 storey at the highest.

To compose these building into homely scale, the Architecture is design to appear horizonal by the hidden lower floor underneath the common function : the drop off area, swimming pool and the pavilion.

At the approach level, the House is appear to be access on ground level but in fact the underneath level are all service quarter, which all connected. The function are : the main garage, maid quarter, mechanic room, storage and wine cellar and shooting gallery.

The Concept design is to create special space to enhance the normal practical house and go beyond. There are many highlight space in this project, intentionally designed hidden to be found, even for the owners.

For the visitor, after a brief approach to the main entrance space with cobble stone plaza, a comfortably descending slope leads to the Supercar Gallery. This space is specially design to house 6 supercars, 5cars in the gallery and the most favorite one in the cockpit room adjacent to it.

The structure spans 18 metre without any column while a supercar can be driven to display in the cockpit room, where function as a guest gathering place, entertainment lounge with minibar and living area. From this room, the space is visually connected to the Supercar Gallery towards the landscape, the shaped green hill to the main house dinning room.

This space is also visually connected to the upper level of the owners’ living room. And from the top view, through inverse curve void on , top view of The Enzo’s Ferrari is framed for enthusiasts’ appreciation. The Family Pool area performs as the connection space of all buildings together, and also as a central space, visually and physically.

Pavilion is created adjacent to the pool to contain space for recreation and equipped multifunction space. Inside is an air conditioned lounge area with a minibar. The bar shares part of the pool in section. The user could dive through the glass wall from the pool outside into the bar counter to join the activity in this pavilion.

At the main house, Owners can entry from the garage by glass elevator which moves up through section of water. Emerge from the depth of water, is the Living hall. The double height open lobby of this main house face toward pool and landscape. Large tree is design to position as a foreground of the view as well as the natural tool for scale down the height of the building.

Natural light plays a great role for this house. By the very specific detail treatment and design, the sublime space of marble stone wall and a play of natural light, the staircase is on of the highlight for the house. Attention to the very detail is the key of this architecture. The Architect and builder work closely together on site to achieve such finest craft. For the owner, this house has become their everyday retreat, the Architecture of serene living.

Corridor is another interesting space not only used to connect the house together but also create an enclosure for the pool. Special detail design of steel columns where they touch the wooden ceiling is on hidden gem of this space. This shallow water part of the pool, alongside this corridor, is another playground for kids.

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Exterior Views:

Interior Views:

Drawing Views:

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