The Collector’s House

Paute, Ecuador – CU+AR ESTUDIO

Built Area:     550.0 m2
Year Built:     2018
Photographs:    JAG Studio, CU+AR ESTUDIO

The Collector’s House is a home that celebrates the beauty of its topography. It successfully balances form and function, a sense of steadiness and stability permeating through the space.

The Collector's House design follows this rule: simple but never boring.
The Collector’s House design follows this rule: simple but never boring.

The brief was specific: a place to house a collection of vintage automobiles and other artifacts. The design should include a modern house with four rooms and generous social spaces for entertaining.

Stepping up to the challenge, the architects also included the site’s natural landscape into the home. Several openings allow natural lighting and ventilation inside the home.

Strategically-placed openings allow unrestricted views of the outdoors.
Strategically-placed openings allow unrestricted views of the outdoors.

As the sun moves throughout the day, a gorgeous display of colors bursts through the interiors. From strategic points in the house, one can see panoramic views of the mountains.

The Collector’s House exudes an understated elegance. The neutral palette of colors evokes a sense of calmness and tranquility – plain but never boring.

Notes from the Architect:

The objective of the project was to create an exemplary modern house, with four rooms, in a site without a significant topography near the Paute River. The house is established in a U shape land, closing in its lateral arms the social area with the intention of leading the views toward the Andean Mountains, which disappear to the west, creating interesting atmospheres inside the home because of the color shades that are presented by the sunset.

One of the fundamental requirements of the project was the creation of a space dedicated to the exposition of classical vehicles and collection artifacts; for this reason, the proposal poses this space as a protagonist of the project, which integrates all house spaces and can be admired from any place of the house.

The volumetric composition presents a series of incisions that articulate different functions of the house, providing natural light to all spaces. Those areas are arranged by a steel constructive system and a modulation of 1.5 m. in all inside sides with structural grids at 6 and 3 meters. These structural grids are in both inside and outside of the house in order to give clarity and arrangement to the different functions of the house and to the volumetric composition that contains it.

The house in general offers a direct dialogue between functionalism and nature, and it is framed in every space of the house. Also, a tree marks a transition between the social area and the space dedicated to/ for the classic cars, this tree located in the heart of the project goes thought the building and integrates both visual and physical to /with the exterior landscape. This means that, in line with the sacred spaces, the house provokes in its atmosphere something spiritual because of peace and tranquility that nature provides, water and light that enter in the house through deep holes, providing several color shades.

The house is for people with free spirit because of its atmosphere, it is its subtlety and eloquence of having arranged strategic windows and holes which frame us the outside and allow us to discover different visuals like postcards that the nature creates along the day.

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Exterior Views:

Interior Views:

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