Houston, United States – Robertson Design

Project Year :    2015
Developed Area :    268.5 m2
Photographs :    Jack Thompsen

Concrete Box House attempts to integrate two contrasting materials – timber and concrete – in one flawless architectural piece. This residential structure consists of three elements: a wooden box, a concrete box, and a garden of greens.

The design is inspired by Japanese minimalism with basic shapes and clean lines. One can easily notice that, despite the plain, austere and stark layout, the house is far from being boring. Indeed, there is beauty in simplicity.

Inside, the house illustrates luxurious comfort and relaxation. With a neutral color palette from the walls to the furniture, Concrete Box House is warmth, coziness, and sophistication all rolled into one.

Sliding glass doors and large windows fill the space with natural light. Consistency is achieved as the interiors still use the same contrasting materials that were used outside.

Architect’s Notes:

The design of this relatively modest house has a definite Japanese influence. The carefully choreographed entry sequence, the material clarity, and the sculptural presence of the house all have their roots in the Japanese residential tradition. The building is composed of three elements- a concrete box, a wooden box, and the low concrete wall that encloses the entry courtyard. Fenestration on the front is limited, while courtyards as well as numerous skylights fill the seemingly blank boxes with ample natural light. The first floor is a single space where slight level changes delineate function. The simple and bright white rooms of the second floor stand in marked contrast to the downstairs with its wood and concrete walls.

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Exterior Views :

Interior Views :

Drawing Views :

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