Cantilever House

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Design Unit Sdn Bhd

Project Year :     2015
Developed Area :     648.14 m2
Photographs :     Lin Ho Photography

The Cantilever House exemplifies the strength of industrial architecture. The structure, with steel columns and concrete rising up from the ground, provides a strong visual impact amidst the lush, green backdrop.

Two structures that look like steel boxes make up the house. Perforated stainless steel serves as sunscreens while allowing air to freely circulate inside. It also provides excellent views of the outdoors. This allows for an indoor-outdoor way of life where the homeowners get to enjoy the rainforest outside without sacrificing privacy.

Each structure houses different parts. One box has the bedrooms and living areas; the other holds a cinema and an art gallery. To say that the design is lavish would be an extreme understatement.

The interiors are well laid out which allows for a clean, crisp, and fuss-free living. Despite the industrial design, the house conveys comfort, luxury, and sophistication all rolled into one.

Due to its cantilever design, the house actually looks like it is floating from the ground.

Architect’s Notes:

Steeply sloping site with rainforest views. The house is designed to ‘float’ within a valley – touching it lightly, and allowing the natural slope to remain.

Consisting 2 independent structures – a 2 storey living & bedroom block constructed of exposed structural steel supported on a ‘forest’ of irregular spaced columns. This steel structure is cantilevered over a lower independent structure housing an art gallery and constructed of off-form concrete and includes a green roof garden and swimming pool.

The house is entered by a ramp – heightening our awareness to the valley, the floating block and also the separation from the ordinary. A courtyard is created by the 2 independent structures that are orientated on different axis creating a tension between them and strengthening the identity of each as separate functions.

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Exterior Views :

Interior Views :

Drawing Views :

The Hawk’s Nest has a similar cantilever design and it looks like it’s floating, too!




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