Eco-friendly $250 Natural Home

Eco-friendly natural home built for $250

Natural $250 Home

A $250 home may sound too good to be true, but the owner-builder of this house has proven that it can be done! And it’s not even a tiny home, but a spacious house with a loft in it… :)

Retired Oxfordshire art teacher Michael Buck was able to build this inspiring home by following a simple principle – to use only materials that are already available in the area.

Eco-friendly $250 Natural Home

What’s more amazing is he did not use power tools, and built it with his own hands! Because it was possible to do so, he did not get any professional help with the project! As much as possible, he kept expenses to a minimum.

Eco-friendly $250 Natural Home

It did help that he already owned the land and that a permit for this type of build was not required. But nevertheless this is a project that you can get inspiration from if you want to have your own house for next to nothing!

Though this natural home is not equipped with electricity and running water, it’s beautiful – we definitely don’t mind living the old-fashioned way in this impressive home!

What do you think? :)

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