Cordwood Homes

One Building Technique With Many Names

Cordwood Homes
Here’s a home that uses an inexpensive and environmently friendly wall building technique.

Have you ever heard of cordwood masonry, cordwood construction, stackwall, log-end, stovewood or stackwood?

It is a wall building technique commonly used to build homes, barns, saunas — just about any structure that uses walls above grade.  Created by laying whole or split debarked wood, width-wise in a bed of mortar, the widths of the walls are equal to the length of the cordwood. Typical wall widths vary from 8″ to 24″.

Cordwood HomesVarious species of cordwood can be used and typically builders use species that are commonly found in their area.  The technique is an economical use for log ends or fallen trees in heavily timbered areas.

With remains of ancient structures dating back at least 1000 years in Europe, it is certainly not a new building technique.

Whilst labour intensive, the construction method is simple and can be inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

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