La Tiny House

La Tiny House

La Tiny House

Want to live a simpler but more adventurous life? By less, we mean you spend less money on utilities and still live life to the fullest. Perhaps La Tiny House can help you realize your dream!

If you’re living in France, that is.

La Tiny House is a company that custom builds tiny homes on wheels. Unlike their US counterparts, the goal is not mainly to build houses for frequent traveling or moving but to reduce homeowner’s expenses and environmental impact. Their homes are perfect for off-grid living although they can also be connected to utilities.

La Tiny House

They offer three basic models, which are Tiny Granville, Tiny Stream and Tiny Appalache. These homes range from €24,000 to €45,000 ($27,000 to $51,000), but the final cost depends on the client’s requirements.

You can ask for a fully-designed and built home, or you can have it only partially-built. The second option is perfect for people with a tighter budget and for DIY-ers who love to design and build their own homes.

Being situated in France, La Tiny House’s projects are restricted to a weight of 3.5 metric tons or 7,700 lbs (as compared to USA’s average weight of 10,000 lbs). This was at first a big challenge for the group who had to find ways to keep the whole unit light. But as an advantage, these tiny homes can be towed even by small vehicles!

What do you think of these homes by La Tiny House? Are you dreaming of someday living in a tiny, off-grid home like this, too? :)

Take a tour of some of their finished project through this album. And don’t miss the video right below it if you want to learn more about La Tiny House!

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