Hadaway House

Whistler, Canada – Patkau Architects Built Area: 464.51 m2 Year Built: 2013Photographs: James Dow, Peter Buchanan Hadaway House is quite a stunning vision. It stands loud and proud in the midst of blindingly...

Tumble Creek Cabin

Cle Elum, United States – Coates Design Architects Built Area:     356.2 m2 Year Built:     2016 Tumble Creek Cabin is located in a relaxing spot in the...


On the Corner – Eastern Design Office

Shiga  Japan  -  Eastern Design Office Lot size:     261 m2  (2,818 sq. ft.) Built area:     567 m2  (6,123 sq. ft.) Built:    ...
Vertical gardens create views where none existed

12 maids all in a row!

Innovative use of materials on these townhouses by 24H Architecture

Townhouses in Leiden

Loft Valparaiso

Lofts Yungay




House in Correas

Petrópolis, Brazil – Rodrigo Simão Arquitetura Built Area: 449.0 m2 Year Built: 2014 Photographs: André Nazareth, Anita Soares House in Correas is a dreamy family home. Instead of being vertical...

Oak Pass Main House

Gunston Place



Spokane, United States - Olson Kundig Built Area: 483.0 m2Year Built: 2014Photographs: Benjamin Benschneider, Kevin Scott/Olson Kundig True to its name, Rimrock is a T-shaped house that...

Never Never Land House

San José, Spain – Andres Jaque Architects Project Year :     2007 Photographs :    Miguel de Guzmán Never Never Land House is basically a series of cascading...

Ga On Jai

Seongnam-si, South Korea - IROJE KHM Architects Project Year :     2013 Developed Area :     329.0 m2 Photographs :     Jong Oh Kim, Sergio Pirrone, Jeong...

Pinion House

Campos de Jordão, Brazil - Mareines Arquitetura Project Year:     2016 Developed Area:     1.300m² Photographs:     Leonardo Finotti The architects of the Pinion House wanted to veer...

Ktima House

Antiparos, Greece - Camilo Rebelo + Susana Martins Project Year :     2014 Developed Area :     950 Sq M Photographs :     Claudio Reis Ktima House stands...


Can you downsize to a tiny house?

I'm guilty! For most of my life I felt that 'space' is what made a house. Not enormous space, but certainly enough for every...

Living an Off-Grid Life in Your Tiny House

By guest blogger, Hannah West Have you ever dreamed of living simply? The cost of living may be less, but it takes passion and courage...