Joseph Dupuis Shipping Container Cabin

Joseph Dupuis’s self-sufficient shipping container cabin built for just $20,000

Ottawa, Canada – Joseph Dupuis
Floor Area: 355 sq. ft.
Photography: Japhet Alvarez

It may look like it’s simply a storage unit from the outside, but these three shipping containers enclose an impressive interior that might just suit your taste!

Joseph Dupuis Shipping Container Cabin Main Image

Due to his desire to escape the city for a more peaceful and simpler environment, 29-year old engineer and renewable energy researcher Joseph Dupuis decided to purchase shipping containers and turn them into a cabin in the woods. He built it on land his family already owned  about 35 miles away from the city.

Joseph Dupuis Shipping Container Cabin

The container home runs purely on solar panels installed on its rooftop, which also serves as the power source of a neighbouring workshop. Its water source, on the other hand, comes from their neighbour. But where is the toilet, you say? An outhouse is available at the back of the cabin. :)

To keep the home warm during the winter season, he installed a wood-fired stove and heated floors.

All in all, the project reportedly cost him $20,000, where $3,400 CAD ($2,600 USD) is attributed to the three shipping containers.

Though Dupuis does not use this container home as his primary residence anymore, he still considers the house a work in progress. His next idea is to add a fourth shipping container on top for a second floor, which would have a glass ceiling for star-gazing.

What do you think of his container home? Let us know your thoughts through the comments section below after viewing the full album!

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