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ecoPerch – would you like it here or there?

Anywhere - Blue Forest Size:  48m2 (516 sq. ft.) This home brings to mind the Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham.  "Would you like them in...

The Hemloft

Whistler British Columbia - Joel Allen Gone forever now, but what an interesting story this is! Built on public land, this home lead the owner...

Indy Island

Indianapolis, New York - Andrea Zittel Photography: Jessica Dunn and Michael Runge Can't afford an island? Make one! This tiny, inhabitable island was created by artist Andrea Zittel....

Garage Transformation

Washington, United States - Michelle de la Vega Built area: 23 m2 (250 sq. ft.) Photography: Ira Lippke Michelle de la Vega is a visual artist, designer, welder.  Here is...

RR’s Cabin

Somewhere in America Built:     1830  (approximately) Restored:     2003 - 2013 We don't know much about RR other than that he is a retired...

Earth House – An Ode to Yoon Dong-joo

Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea - Byoungsoo Cho Site area:     660m2 Floor Area:    32.49m2 Project Year:     2008-2009 Photography:     Wooseop Hwang, Yong Gwan Kim It would seem odd...