Alone on an island – a summer home

Alone on an island...

Bohusl√§n, Sweden –¬†Mikael Bergquist¬†Architects Ltd Photography: ¬†¬†Mikael Olsson Here’s a quick quizz… how many islands are there in Sweden? a) 221 b) 2210 c) 22,100 d) 221,000 You’ll find the answer below the album but a clue is lots! Most of them are uninhabited for much of the year, but many are summer holiday havens […]

Home in the Sand Dunes

Aquinnah MA ¬†USA ¬†– ¬†Hutker Architects Built area: ¬† ¬† 2300 sf. (213 m2) Year built: ¬† ¬† 2008 Photographer: ¬† ¬† Brian Vanden Brink This is a very nice example of a home that works with it’s environment rather than competing with it. ¬†Situated in a town of just 311 people on¬†the¬†island of Martha’s […]

Seaview House

Old Barwon Heads Victoria Australia ¬† – ¬†Jackson Clement Burrows JCB are internationally renown architects. ¬†We like their innovative thinking and that they still seem to delight in doing simple residential projects. ¬†This¬†house is located in Old Barwon Heads on a street comprising an eclectic mix of post war beach houses. ¬†The dominant theme is […]