The Hemloft

The Hemloft

Whistler British Columbia – Joel Allen Gone forever now, but what an interesting story this is! Built on public land, this home lead the owner (borrower of public space?) to a new beginning. Built from materials sourced free on Craigslist, it’s proof of human resourcefulness. “Like so many wonderful accomplishments, the HemLoft sprang from broken […]

“The Awning” – Mobile Living

The Awning

De Markies Mobile Home  –  Böhtlingk architectuur Designed:     1985 One of the reasons behind the ‘tiny home movement’ is that many of the designs totally bypass conventional planning and building requirements. If it’s on wheels it’s obviously not fixed. If it isn’t fixed, it isn’t a dwelling. If it isn’t a dwelling or […]

Can you downsize to a tiny house?

Bigger homes, smaller lots, massive prices!

I’m guilty! For most of my life I felt that ‘space’ is what made a house. Not enormous space, but certainly enough for every inhabitant to have their ‘own space’. Separate bedrooms, two bathrooms and a guest toilet, a semi-formal living room, a family room, dining room or dining area and a big, generous kitchen. […]

29 square metres in Moscow

Moscow, Russia – Anton Grishin Apartment:    29 m2  (312 sq. ft.) Year built:     2013 Small may be beautiful but have you ever really considered living full time in a space only marginally bigger than a hotel room? Clearly, in a space this size, storage is everything unless you are an aesthete. The […]

Hobbit Hole Playhouses

A playhouse is  a great place for kids to hang out when they’re playing outdoor. These hobbit playhouses from Wooden Wonders will make you wish you were a child again! These unique looking playhouses are inspired by the famous hobbit holes from the ‘Lord of The Rings’ movie. Apparently the dwellings of hobbits make great […]

DIY House on Wheels

When well planned, a tiny home can have all the creature comforts in a very small space. It can even be on wheels just like this home! This off-the-grid tiny house was built on a twin axle trailer with a rustic theme. The owner built it by setting up the frame in its final location, […]

Tiny House Project

Sebastopol, CA – Alek Lisefski Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. You can also view the images as a slideshow if you prefer 8-)   If you liked this project, you will also like viewing …

Living in 10m2

Virserum and Lund, Sweden – Tengbom Architects Location:     Portable Built area:    10 sqm Year built:     2013 Photography:    Bertil Hertzberg   Tertiary study never comes cheaply, especially if the student needs to live away from the family home.  Accommodation costs usually mean that the student needs to work in order […]

Pocket Shelter

United States – Aaron Maret Design Built Studio Built area: 8′ x 23′ / 200 sqft Year built: Spring 2013