Some like it hot (pink)…

Gyeongsangnam-do,  South Korea  –  Moon Hoon Architects Built Area:     229.85 m2 (2,485 sq ft) Year Built:     2016 Photography:     Facestudio I have two young granddaughters who are pink crazy. They don’t care what it is, if it’s pink, they want it. Given the preponderance of pink in young girls’ bedrooms, they […]

M4 House – Show Architect

Higashisonogi-gun Nagasaki  Japan  –  Show Architect Year Built:     2013 Site area:     195.15 m2 Building envelope:     120.61 m2 Built area:     135.13 m2 Photography:     Blitz STUDIO Toshihisa Ishii A gross site area of just 195 m2 (2,100 sf) would challenge most of us. The client wanted the design to […]

Narrow Homes

Do you think you could live in a home this size? See for yourself by viewing our collection of narrow and small homes. Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. You can also view the images as a slideshow if you prefer 8-)   If you […]

A Home That Fits Like a Glove

When our daughter was little we rented an old farmhouse that was built in the 1890’s. It was cold and drafty in the winter, as it had little to no insulation. On very cold nights we could see our breath in our bedroom upstairs. The only bathroom was downstairs next to the dining room. One night we could […]

Bamboo Passive in France

First Passivhaus in France

Val d’Oise, France – Karawitz Architecture Built area: 177 m2 (1,905 sq. ft.) Year built: 2009 Heating needs: 11kWh/m²a Photography: Hervé Abbadie and Karawitz Orientation can make or break any home! In the southern hemisphere, sound design principles dictate that a home should open to the north and be protected from the south. In the […]

Rutabaga Houseboat

Rutabaga Houseboat

Seattle, USA Ever wondered what it’s like to live in a floating home? This houseboat rental called the Rutabaga can give you a taste of such experience if you ever find yourself in Seattle! Aside from it’s music and coffee, Seattle is also known for its waters that offer scenic views and numerous maritime activities. Some of its most famous […]

A Reflection of Mineral

Reflection of Mineral Atelier Tekuto

Tokyo  Japan  –  Atelier Tekuto Site Area:    44.62 m2 (482 sq. ft.) Building Area:    31.1 m2  (336 sq. ft.) Total Floor Area:    86.22 m2  (931 sq. ft.) Structure:    Reinforced Concrete Photography:     Makoto Yoshida Here is yet another tiny lot in the middle of Tokyo. Clearly, imagination is the first […]

Curl Curl Beach House

Curl Curl Beach House

Sydney, Australia – CplusC Architects Built area:    129 m2 (1,393 sq. ft.) Photography: Murray Fredericks & Simon Whitbread Curl Curl Beach started modern life as a holiday destination for Sydney’s residents. Located 18 kilometres north of the city centre, the journey involved a ferry trip from Sydney’s Circular Quay to Manly and then overland […]

The Mini-B

Mini-B Passive House

Seattle, WA  –  Joseph Giampietro Built area:    29 m2 (300 sq. ft.) Photography: Mini-B Passive House It may be small, but the Mini-B(ungalow) is a fully certified ‘passivhaus’.  In common with all its brethren, it uses only around 10% of the energy of a comparatively sized, conventionally built home. The home was built to demonstrate […]