Ljubljana, Slovenia – OFIS Architects Project Year : 2017 Developed Area : 228.0 m2 ( 2462 Sq ft2 ) Photographs : Tomaz Gregoric The 3SHOEBOX House is an interesting residential structure and is made up of three cubes in dark wood cladding. One cube sits on top of the other, forming what appears to be […]

Up-cycled Warehouse

Richmond, Australia – Zen Architects Project Year :     2013 Developed Area :     240.0 m2 Photographs :     Emma Cross From what used to be a leaky warehouse back in the 60s, this up-cycled structure is now a bright, airy, and energy-efficient home for a beautiful family. The open space provides generous lighting, giving […]

12 feet wide in Barcelona

Old Barcelona Spain  –  Ferrolan_LAB Photography by Raimon Solà Casacuberta Site area:     92.5m2  (1,000 sq ft) Developed area:     350m2 (3,780 sq ft) If you take a moment to visualise a five level home on a lot just 3.7 metres wide by 25 metres deep (12′ x 81′), it’s easy to assume it […]

Black and White in Brisbane

Black and White in Brisbane

Brisbane Australia  –  Owen and Stokes and Peters By world standards, Brisbane is a modern city not yet 200 years old.  White settlers came here to harvest the abundant, high quality timber growing in the Brisbane River Valley.  It’s not surprising therefore, that almost every home built in the first 150 years after settlement was […]

Casa Baltazar

Porto Portugal  –  Pedro Gadanho Built Area:    110 m2 Year Built:    2008 Renovation Materials:     Lacquered MDF, Polyurethane Resin, Stucco, Plasterboard. Photography:     Fernando Guerra Pedro Gadanho position as the present architecture curator at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) attests to his international success as an architect, educator and writer […]

A is for A-Frame…

A-Frame Belgium

Brecht Belgium  –  dmvA Architecten Built area:     80 m2 (54 original + 26 extension)  864 sq. ft. Photography:      Mick Couwenbergh We’ve all seen them… the A-Frames that were fast to owner-build and just as fast to date. Originally built as a vacation home, this A-Frame found itself in an area rezoned for residential living. […]

The Wilsondale Project

The Wilsondale Project

Dover Massachusetts  USA  –  Archia Homes When we posted some images of this home’s kitchen recently, you gave it a big ‘thumbs up’. The kitchen is a part of a substantial renovation to a farmhouse built in 1860. Both the kitchen and the overall project have won multiple awards. The kitchen also collecting the Chrysalis 2012 National Kitchen […]

Pallet House

Mallarauco, Melipilla, Chile  –  Cristián Irarrázaval Andrews Site area:  Large acreage Built area:  120m2  (1,296sf) Year Built:   2007 The project called for farm accommodation that would be used only a few days each week. Budget was a major consideration as was the remoteness of the location which would typically add to costs. An existing, […]

South Melbourne House

South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia – Mitsuori Architects Project Year :     2017 Developed Area :     210.0 sqm ( 2268 Sq ft2 ) Photographs :     Michael Kai Photography The South Melbourne House highlights a clean, minimalist structure which is the result of a refurbishment project on a two-storey house. The owners wanted a multi-functional […]

Copper House

Belmont, MA, USA – Charles Rose Architects Project Year :     2004 Photographs :     John Edward Linden Photography   A vinyl-clad Colonial structure used to sit at the site where the Copper House currently stands. After a major addition and renovation project, the “house within a house” caught the attention of the architectural world because […]