Shaila Patel House

Ahmedabad, India – Groundwork Architecture Built Area: 1135.0 m2Year Built: 2017Photographs: Dhrupad Shukla Shaila Patel House is a large residence that sits in a huge plot of land. The brief of the house called for a design that would allow three generations to peacefully and functionally co-exist. As such, it required that every room in […]

Haras House

Brazil – 24 7 Arquitetura Built Area: 450.00 m2 Year Built: 2018 Photographs: Adriano Pacelli Casa Haras sits surrounded by lush nature in the heart of São Paulo, Brazil. The design implements a variety of sustainable solutions, minimizing construction footprint. It’s a house that, despite its size, shows respect and care for the environment. The […]

ASIA House

Asia, Peru – Jorge Marsino Prado Built Area: 303.0 m2Year Built: 2014Photographs: Juan Solano Ojasi Jorge Marsino Prada has obviously put much thought on the design of Peru’s ASIA House. The structure stands in an area where the community is considered in the design process. As part of the requirements, the house should allow its neighbours to […]

El Carajo House

El Retiro, Colombia – Obranegra Arquitectos Built Area: 320.0 m2Year Built: 2013Photographs: Nicolás Mántaras, Isaac Ramírez, Alejandro Ochoa, Carlos Pardo El Carajo House is a large contemporary home that’s as breath-taking as its surroundings. It was built inside an ecological park and stands near the La Fe dam. It is contained in a paradise of sorts – abundant […]

Vidalakis Residence

Portola Valley, United States – Swatt | Miers Architects Built Area: 743.22 m2 Year Built: 2014 Photographs: Russell Abraham Vidalakis Residence is the realization of a dream. For years, the homeowner had been looking for the perfect site to build her dream home – she found it in Portola Valley. It’s a gently sloping plot of land […]

Hadaway House

Whistler, Canada – Patkau Architects Built Area: 464.51 m2 Year Built: 2013Photographs: James Dow, Peter Buchanan Hadaway House is quite a stunning vision. It stands loud and proud in the midst of blindingly white snow, it’s difficult to ignore. The wooden exterior sticks out from the snowy landscape as glass reflect its surroundings. But that’s not all – the overall structure of […]


Spokane, United States – Olson Kundig Built Area: 483.0 m2Year Built: 2014Photographs: Benjamin Benschneider, Kevin Scott/Olson Kundig True to its name, Rimrock is a T-shaped house that stands on the edge of a cliff. A unique feature of the house is that it forms a bridge between an outcropping of volcanic basalt, creating an underside seam. […]

Independence Pass Residence

Aspen, United States – Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Built Area: 1165.93 m2Year Built: 2014Photographs: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Not many houses could aptly be described as “as if it grew out of the land.” For the Independence Pass Residence, this description couldn’t be more fitting. It establishes such a smooth and harmonious relationship with its natural topography one […]

YB House

Yerbas Buenas, Chile – MASA Arquitectos Built Area:     365.0 m2Year Built:     2014Photographs:    Nico Saieh YB House is a sprawling residential building located in a wide field framed by the Andes Mountains. Its U-shaped structure envelope a courtyard where most parts of the house opens up. The clay tiles of the patio provide a stark […]

Oyamel House

Xalapa, Mexico – RP Arquitectos Built Area: 811.0 m2 Year Built: 2014 Oyamel House is a concrete-covered structure that stands at the top of a hill in Mexico. From a distance, it looks like a large rock, blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Designed by a Mexican architectural firm, Oyamel House presents several interesting elements. […]