Sharma Springs

Sharma Springs by IBUKU

Bali, Indonesia – IBUKU Project Year: 2012 Area:¬†750.0 m2 Photography:¬†Errol Vaes,¬†Rio Helmi A jungle fantasy escape! The Sharma Springs – built for the Sharma family – is located in Green Village, Bali overlooking¬†the serene community and the sacred Ayung River valley. The site¬†is definitely perfect for a stress-free and nature-oriented vacation, but the features of […]

The Yoga Pavilion at Four Seasons

The Yoga Pavilion by IBUKU

Sayan, Bali, Indonesia – IBUKU Client: Four Seasons Completed:¬†April 2015 Area: 60.0 m2 If yoga is your ‘thing’, we may have found your Nirvana. You¬†can find this marvelous yoga pavilion called¬†Dharma Shanti Yoga Bale in a beautiful valley in¬†Sayan, Bali, Indonesia. Built using only locally grown bamboo and with a roof resembling a leaf, the […]

Read yourself to sleep in this unique hostel in Kyoto, Japan!

Book and Bed Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan Beautiful libraries and bookstores with comfortable seating will always be¬†a book lover’s haven. But this establishment¬†in Kyoto, Japan raises the bar by¬†being a library, a coffee shop/bar and an overnight accommodation in one! It doesn’t have the most comfortable beds but it makes the perfect place for bookworms to stay overnight. Just imagine […]

Half-Sunk Dune House

Dune House by Marc Koehler

Terschelling, Netherlands –¬†Marc Koehler Architects Year Built: 2004 Photography:¬†Filip Dujardin Why look elsewhere for a design inspiration if you’ve already got an amazing¬†location to build your house on? This home, named the Dune House, incorporates the elements¬†of its wonderful surroundings into its design and we¬†think no other concept could be better! The Dune House is […]

Search and rescue helicopter holiday home

Helicopter Home

Thornhill, Scotland This helicopter may be retired from its military service but it’s far from going to¬†the scrap heap. The search and rescue aircraft is now lodged in its new home, serving a new and unusual purpose! This 17m-long Sea King ZA127 helicopter originally retired from active service in 1994 even though it was still […]

Tiny House with Drawbridge

Ontario, Canada – Greenmoxie Floor Area: 340 sq. ft. Photography: Gary Mulcahey This home may be short on space but definitely not on style and function. It even has an electric draw bridge deck, which¬†serves as its most distinctive feature! This drawbridge, when opened, serves as a deck large enough to fit a dining set […]

Rutabaga Houseboat

Rutabaga Houseboat

Seattle, USA Ever wondered¬†what it’s like to live in a floating home? This houseboat rental called the Rutabaga¬†can¬†give you¬†a taste of such¬†experience if you ever find yourself in Seattle! Aside from it’s music and coffee, Seattle is also known for its waters that offer scenic views and numerous maritime activities. Some of its most famous […]

The ultimate man cave featuring a skate bowl!

The ultimate man cave featuring a skate bowl by Inhouse

Cape Town, South Africa – Inhouse Project Year: 2016 Area:¬†195.6 sqm Photography: Riaan West An enormous entertainment room that includes a pool table, a bar¬†and a skate bowl¬†– what more could a teenage boy¬†wish for? This young surfer/skater is definitely living the dream in their home in Cape Town, South Africa! This impressive project was […]

Contemporary Home with Roof Garden in Vietnam!

Nha Trang, Vietnam –¬†Vo Trong Nghia Architects & ICADA Photography:¬†Hiroyuki Oki   This home, featuring an amazing green roof, is a result of a collaboration between Japanese architectural firm ICADA and Vietnamese group Vo Trong Nghia. The home is being surrounded by beautiful landscapes, mountains and a neighbouring sea. And to make the most of […]

Arched Cabins

Arched Cabins

Texas – Arched Cabins While custom tiny homes offer a simpler and less expensive lifestyle,¬†most of them pretty much require robbing the bank before you can own one. But these tiny homes by Arched Cabins are¬†a different story! For as low as $960, you can get¬†their basic kit – minimally insulated and finished with basic […]