Mariano Roque Alonso, Paraguay – – = + x –

Built Area:     993.0 m2
Year Built:     2015
Photographs:     Leonardo Méndez

House between Trees is a residential structure surrounded by lush vegetation. It sits on a one-hectare piece of land along with an old ranch. Tall trees, thick shrubs, and dense foliage fully envelop this concrete house.

The concrete house is surrounded by tall trees and dense foliage.
The concrete house is surrounded by tall trees and dense foliage.

The goal was to incorporate the trees into the design of the building. True enough, there are trees growing inside the house, enclosed by large glass. Dark timber floors, along with the darkening patina of the walls and ceilings, make the interiors seem gloomy.

Both inside and outside, the concrete finish gives off a sense of raw quality to the house. The addition of bricks is in line with the ranch-like theme.

Walls and ceilings reflect an aging patina.
Walls and ceilings reflect an aging patina.

The house features several sitting areas where one can thoroughly enjoy the outdoors. House between Trees is a home meant for relaxed and tranquil living.

Notes from the Architect:

Mariano Roque Alonso city, located next to Asuncion, is part of “Gran Asuncion”, an urban continuity formed by several low-density cities. These cities have been growing along important highways resulting in blocks following their geometry.

The “Vivienda Entre Árboles” is built on a one-hectare terrain with rich vegetation, where an old ranch was located. The project is implanted within an area of dense vegetation, with trees that have developed long trunks in search of light.

The aim is that the existing trees be part of the house´s integral spaces, utilizing a concrete structure that allows full and empty, generated in interior and exterior spaces.

Interior spaces change scale according to internal functions in which double heights, bridges, glass volumes containing green life, and hanging floors allow a fluid space, and openings between concrete beams let natural light and ventilation occur.

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Exterior Views:

Interior Views:

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