Gerringong, Australia – Atelier Andy Carson

Project Year :     2017
Developed Area :     612.0 m2
Photographs :   Michael Nicholson

“The home with a view” is a line that aptly describes Dovecote. It stands in the midst of a sprawling 150 acres of land. This stunning property is surrounded by green pastures on one side, cliffs and ocean on the other. The backdrop is breathtaking, to say the least.

Dovecote is a stunning residential structure that stands surrounded by pastures on one side, the ocean on the other.
Dovecote is a stunning residential structure that stands surrounded by pastures on one side, the ocean on the other.

Dovecote is made up of three linked structures, meeting in one common courtyard. The clients’ brief called for a home that is elegant and at the same time comfortable. They also wanted a guest house where friends and family can stay in while visiting.

Comfort, relaxation, and elegance all rolled into one.
Comfort, relaxation, and elegance all rolled into one.

The inside of the house reflects what the owners wanted: comfort and relaxation in an elegant setting. Neutral color palettes calm the senses while glass windows bring in the surrounding scenery.

Notes from the Architect:

This new home designed by Atelier Andy Carson is a sanctuary from its harsh surrounds, perched on a sprawling coastal site overlooking Werri Beach, New South Wales. Green pastures and paddocks running dairy cows line this 150-acre property on one side, rugged coastal cliffs and ocean on the other.

The four bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom main home consists of three linked pavilions, wrapped around a protected courtyard. The architects’ design is inspired by the spectacular landscape.

The 180-degree views and breathtaking backdrop called for a respectful celebration of the location. Instead of providing the same view throughout the house with wall to wall glass, the design creates considered framed glimpses of what lies outside. Meanwhile, a storm-viewing room pays tribute to the drama of extreme weather fronts creeping up from the ocean.

The clients, Beau Neilson and her husband, Jeffrey Simpson, set the brief based on a clear understanding of how they live. No strangers to the design scene (Beau is daughter of art patrons Judith & Kerr Neilson), the couple desired an elegant, comfortable residence for all conditions. Their brief also called for a modest two-bedroom guest house on the site to cater to visitors and extended family.

This guest house is inspired by a farm shed, with a plan that’s charmingly simple yet highly considered in its detail. Two decks form a cross axis to the home on the north and south, providing opportunities to chase the sun or seek refuge from harsh winds. The architect and builders teamed up with a local engineering firm to develop the operable façade. Large copper panels that cover the entire western façade can be adjusted to any angle, or fully open to light and views via hydraulic cylinders concealed in the floor space. Occupants are treated to a sensory show as the setting sun penetrates deep into the living space.

Visitors are encouraged to slow down from arrival – the home is accessed only by foot. The project’s sustainability features include utilising only tank water (harvested from the roof) and on-site sewage treatment.

Atelier Andy Carson has created a robust family home that actively explores the relationship between building and landscape.

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Exterior Views:

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