Nova Granada – São Paulo, 15440-000, Brasil – Estúdio HAA!

Project Year :     2017
Developed Area :     285.0 m2
Photographs :   Evandro Nunes de Oliveira – Bevah Fotografia

Granada House is the end product of careful planning and meticulous execution. The homeowners and the architects worked together to achieve their goal. They all wanted a home that closely establishes an indoor/outdoor connection, is bright, and well-ventilated. Drastic changes to existing topography were avoided. This reduced cost and construction impact.

Granada House is the product of careful planning and meticulous execution.
Granada House is the product of careful planning and meticulous execution.

The house was built using different materials. One block used concrete; another made use of glass and metal. The brief was specific: double height ceiling in the living room and a large balcony.

Inside, the home is classy and elegant looking. The excellent combination of timber, marble floors tiles, and concrete makes the space warm and inviting.

An outdoor pool and greenery adds the perfect finishing touches.
An outdoor pool and greenery adds the perfect finishing touches.

An outdoor pool and pockets of green add the perfect finishing touches to the pleasant Granada House.

Notes from the Architect:

This house located at Nova Granada, a city located at approximately 500km of São Paulo city (Brazil), was design by Estúdio HAA!. It respects some principles initially established, some relative to the studio’s production, and some to the client’s preferences.

From the principals of Estúdio HAA!, comes the frank and generous communication with the exterior, abundance of natural illumination and ventilation. And discouragement to radical changes on the site’s topography, always when possible we search to maintain the pre-existential characteristics. Both to avoid technical issues, costs and reduce the impact of the new implantation.

In this project, the site was already all plan, fruit of the planning of the allotment made centuries ago, we searched to transfer the original unevenness to the light block’s roof, with the intention to simulate the natural terrain mirrored, meanwhile the floor level remains constant in the entire terrain.

From the clients come the requests to use double ceiling height on the social area, and a big balcony with a view to the city’s rural zone, beyond the basic program of compartments.

The project is divided in three blocks. The first, the rigid block, containing: TV room and toilet at the first floor; rooms, bathrooms, home office and balcony at the second floor. This block was made in reinforced concrete, with a couple of inverted beams, big gaps, and small slabs plans overhanging. The access stair to the second floor is made bolting custom-made metallic parts with the superposition of wooden steps, the side protection of the stair was made with steel cables that comer from the steps and rises to the ceiling slab.

The second block, the light block, which contains the dinner and living room with a connection to the side garden, was made with metal structure and glass. The goal was to enable an integration with the garden, making the limits between the interior/exterior more subtle, for times the garden enters the living room and times you can have dinner at the garden. The block’s roofing also collaborates to create an atmosphere of exterior space, with a generous natural light, experience of rain and leaf’s rustles.

Right after the light block is found the main suite at the ground floor, that was one of the clients requests: do not need to walk up the stairs when they wanted. This suites also contains a integration with the exterior space.
At the exterior area there is a pool house that contains service area, toilet and a living room with barbecue space, fronting the pool and garden.

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Exterior Views:

Interior Views:

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