Queen Street House

Melbourne, Australia – Edwards Moore

Photographs :     Fraser Marsden

Queen Street House is a contemporary home with a funky vibe.  The house is a standout because of its no-fear use of bright colors. While renovating, the homeowners wanted to supplement the design with bold elements – and that, they did.

The striking red kitchen island is a sure scene-stealer!
The striking red kitchen island is a sure scene-stealer!

The result is a home that is both playful and vibrant. Some walls and wardrobes are done in yellow and the kitchen island is painted red. Adding to the visual feast are color combinations like yellow and black.

Color combos of yellow and black work perfectly together.
Color combos of yellow and black work perfectly together.

The home has a hardwood floor finish. Despite the contrast with yellows and reds, the colors do not clash at all. In fact, they all complement each other – the earthy hues calming the vividly intense tones.

Notes from the Architect:

The renovation of an existing suburban house into a new home for our most colourful clients to date. A playful and vibrant insertion of elements within the newly created open plan space create a seamless connection between levels, and gentle transition between the functions for living.

The use of carefully sited geometries creating the path of travel and necessary separations without the need for doors or corridors. Each element made from a striking material and colour palette, intended to support the development of the occupants ongoing stylistic expression.

Downstairs the new open plan living area is defined by the oversized marblo island bench and suspended staircase.

Upstairs, the robes create an generous entrance to the master bedroom, the black satin stained blackbutt lining contrasting with the vivid yellow lining of the stairs which seamlessly wraps up the wall to become the enclosure for the robe. Once in the master bedroom the custom made blackbutt bath becomes the focus of the room, around which the ensuite is arranged. Various levels of privacy ensuring the space remains expansive yet modest.

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Interior Views:

Drawing Views:

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