Terschelling, Netherlands – Marc Koehler Architects

Year Built: 2004

Photography: Filip Dujardin

Why look elsewhere for a design inspiration if you’ve already got an amazing location to build your house on?

This home, named the Dune House, incorporates the elements of its wonderful surroundings into its design and we think no other concept could be better!

Dune House by Marc KoehlerThe Dune House is located on the island of Terschelling in the Netherlands. It is shaped like a diamond that’s seemingly half-sunk in the terrain.

Each side of this wooden “diamond” offers varied views of the landscape; “from submerged and intimate viewpoints to elevated and stretched out views over the sea.”

But the real feel of the dunes can be seen and experienced with the home’s interior.

Dune House Split-Level Floors
The different spaces of the Dune House, which act like large steps connected by small stairs, spiral up along a central core.

The layout was configured so that walking through the entire house is basically no different than walking through the dunes! The various ‘rooms’ of the home are determined by split-level floors, and they are all connected to each other by stairs.

The private spaces or bedrooms are located underground while the living area, dining area and relax spaces can be found in the upper levels.

What do you think? Would you like to live in a home like the Dune House?


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