Do you need a truly relaxing time off with nature? Perhaps this treehouse, called Dom’Up, could help!

The Dom’Up is an innovative project made by Belgian company Trees and People. It provides a unique arboreal experience by letting you commune with nature and at the same time enjoy the feel of a luxurious weekend vacation! It takes glamping to a higher level, figuratively and literally ;)

Dom'up Treehouse

The Dom’Up is an octagonal structure made of steel frames, composite wood floors and a water-proof double roof. It has canvas walls that can be tied up if you want more light and ventilation to come in, which you can can also pull down for privacy.

Aside from the nice bedroom space it provides, this treehouse also includes a spacious terrace secured with rails and a safety net!

It’s different from the usual treehouse in that it doesn’t leave footprints on the ground or on the trees, thanks to it’s ingenious ‘No-Trace’ system of fasteners.

It only takes two days to build and at half the price of a similar quality cabin!

The Dom’Up is indeed great for those who have yet to realize their dream of building a treehouse. It’s the perfect way to recharge with nature right in the comforts of your own backyard!

Do you have a spot for the Dom’Up treehouse in your backyard?

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You can find out more about Trees and People here, and the Dom’Up here.